The CEO of Cosmopolitan Tower asked Pulsar to assist with lighting the tower. Existing lights for the red ceiling had been installed by a building company. The location, colour and beam angle of the lights resulted in a poorly lit feature with hot spots, poor colour rendition and high operating costs.Pulsar provided a well-designed lighting scheme for the red ceiling which took into account desired eff ect, viewing angles (pedestrians and residents), operating costs and maintenance costs. The solution was 8 x ChromaFlood100R fixtures discretely mounted so as to be invisible to viewers, yet provide consistent illumination of the feature ceiling.

Pulsar also provided lighting for the tower’s exterior atrium (shown above in blue), using 12 ChromaFlood 200s to provide lighting with infinite colour capabilities. These can change colour to suit special occasions, seasons and time of day. Pulsar also integrated ChromaAR111TC fixtures into the sculpture “You and I” by artist Eran Shakine.
The whole system is controlled by Pulsar’s own architectural lighting controllers, making the system both user friendly and flexible at the same time.

Pulsar manufactures a wide range of colour controlled LED luminaires for large-scale architectural projects, television shows, live performances, hotels and many other applications. Pulsar’s range provides high power, high quality LED lighting backed by Pulsar’s commitment to reliability and state-of-the-art product design. Our factory and offices are located in Cambridge, UK where we have been making lighting equipment for more than 40 years. If you would like to visit us or find out more about Pulsar, please give us a call or email our sales team:

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