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Welcome to: ADO-Metal Drainage Systems

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Welcome to: ADO-Metal Drainage Systems


ADO-Metal Drainage UK Limited offer a full range of Drainage and Construction products. We are a Specialist Company primarily focussed on the sales of new technology and quality equipment to the Construction industry. ADO-Metal Drainage UK Ltd focuses on the promotion of hygiene and safety and applies particularly to the ADO drainage channels and unique Original roll grids for use in all commercial Kitchens and Food Production Units within the foodservice industry. The Original swimming pool Roll Grids are available in a variety of profiles and materials for all Wet Areas including Swimming Pools, Whirlpools and Showers etc.

Whether you require our special ADO Drainage systems for use in commercial kitchens or some very special products such as Ventilation Gratings, Swimming Pool Grids and Façade gratings which we manufacture:-

  • Original ADO® –Swimming Pool Roll Grids – Model RA
  • Manufactured for overflow channels and full profile Hard PVC for all swimming pools and Whirlpool

Made to order we can offer the following:

  • Great stability, hygienic, easy to clean, safe for chlorine and seawater pools,
  • Barefoot safe even in wet areas with approval ratings: (BIA test-Nr.: 1866/1/89 and 1066/4/89) Heel safe to dim.8mm.
  • Rollable to facilitate easy cleaning with grids from hard PVC and a high anti-slip safety profile to DIN 51 097

Manufactured from our own extruders in many different colours:

  • White, Grey, Beige, Blue, Yellow and many other colours according to your wish and based on quantity required.

23 Burghley Drive, West Bromwich, West Midlands B71 3LX

◊ Telephone: 07794 243 863

E mail: steve@ado-metal.com Web: www.ado-metal.com

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