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Now even more reason to join TrustMark!

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Now even more reason to join TrustMark!


TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for trades working in and around the home. Following recent developments stemming from the Government Each Home Counts review, TrustMark will be expanding its remit to take on a broader range of trades, covering any work that a consumer may choose to have carried out in or around their home.

This represents an incredible opportunity to create a level playing field of quality, regardless of the type of business the customer is dealing with.

Consumer groups that TrustMark has worked with have been clear that when a customer is selecting a contractor, they want to be able to engage someone with the peace of mind that they have had their technical competence vetted and have had previous work independently inspected.  Additionally they welcome the assurance that if a problem does arise, there are a number of available remedies to protect them financially and ensure they always end up with what they paid for.

While some industries have had robust mandatory requirements concerning technical competence for many years, it is now clear that consumers desire a minimal level of technical competence in all sectors, backed up by excellent customer service and trading practices.

TrustMark’s ongoing evolution presents the perfect opportunity for quality builders, decorators, gardeners and other trades to prove a level of quality their customers have a right to rely on.

This service is delivered through the TrustMark network of Scheme Operators (experts within the sectors they represent) that ensure customers can rely on the TrustMark logo, regardless of whether they are having a full house rewire or a bedroom redesign.

The TrustMark logo is also the ideal means for quality firms to identify themselves to potential customers as a company who has put themselves through the required vetting process and have had the competence and quality of their work independently verified.

Once a firm has been accepted as a TrustMark Registered Business they are able to display the prestigious TrustMark logo and can inform their customers that they work to Government Endorsed Standards.

TrustMark Registered Businesses are searchable on the online directory, which displays the details of over a million tradespeople each month.  All the consumers carrying out these searches are only looking to engage a business that has been through this rigorous vetting process.

In an era when online trade directories are common, and with varying barriers to entry with regards quality, the fact that the TrustMark scheme is Government endorsed and requires members to submit to appropriate levels of inspection holds even more value.

While cowboy builders and black market traders remain in the minority – the media continues to give widespread coverage to these dubious practitioners – and the TrustMark logo clearly signifies that a firm places quality and customer protection at the heart of their business.

As TrustMark expands our remit, taking on a broader range of trades, additional benefits for Registered Businesses will also become available, including incorporation of Trading Standards and free access to British Standards Institute (BSI) Standards as part of membership.

TrustMark is always expanding the range of Scheme Providers that we work with in order to deliver this service into as many relevant sectors as possible, and as this network increases we anticipate further outreach and the provision of many other benefits to our Registered Businesses.

Consumer protection is the primary objective of the TrustMark scheme, however we also exist to drive opportunity for the quality businesses we represent.  We aim to do this by driving out the cowboy builder through our championing of competent firms with a deep commitment to their customers and by empowering consumers to protect themselves by using appropriate firms.

If you would like further information on how you can get involved with the TrustMark scheme, either as a Registered Business or a Scheme Provider, please email info@trustmark.org.uk.

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