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The Minder.

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The Minder.


The Minder underfloor safe, which is manufactured by Hamber Safes, Hamber & Whiskin Engineering, is designed for the high security protection of cash and valuables in domestic and business premises.  Recently upgraded, it is now referred to as the Minder MK2.  The door is now manufactured from stainless steel and locking is provided by a Mauer double bitted keylock, fitted as standard.  Alternative locking is provided by a manual combination or digital lock.  The safe now has the manufacturer’s recommended overnight cash rating of £10,000.  

When the Hamber Minder underfloor safe was invented, patented, and launched into the market, because of the ease of use it provided, with no protruding bolts to engage when entering the door into the safe body, a senior insurance surveyor said: “This is brilliant, every home should have one!

This patented design incorporates a mechanism that allows the door to be freely entered into the engaging steel collar of the safe body in any position and then a turn of the key moves the two peripherally mounted revolving locking bolts, which are positioned on each side of the door, to engage into the body of the safe.  Drill resistant materials are included in the stainless steel door.

During installation the safe door should be placed well away from the site to avoid any form of contamination.  Allow for at least 6ins. (150mm) of concrete round the sides of the safe and a minimum of 3ins. (150mm) underneath the safe.  The base of the hole where the safe is to be installed should be wider than the top to ensure that the concrete installation is dovetailed into the floor and the hole should be lined with a heavy gauge polythene sheeting to prevent the ingress of moisture into the concrete.  As per the installation instructions, steel reinforcement has to be included in the concrete – particularly at the top of the safe around the plastic neck.  Fill the plastic neck with crumpled newspaper to prevent dust, concrete or water entering the safe.  When the concrete is thoroughly dry, a liquid lino paint could be used to stabilise the surface.

Detailed installation instructions are provided with each safe and they include a Certificate of Installation, which for insurance purposes has to be signed by the installer to confirm that the instructions have been complied with.

The Minder is just one of a range of safes manufactured by Hamber Safes, which includes the Caretaker square door underfloor safes.  All models include capsule deposit versions for business use – these allow immediate capsule entry into the safe through an anti-fish device to prevent burglary.

Please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 01277 624450

Web: www.hambersafes.com

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