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The Levello Lighting System

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The Levello Lighting System


Our unique lighting system houses light sources with minimal visual impact within the ceiling, meaning fittings are virtually invisible. The fitting is a modular plug-and-play system that allows you to transform the lighting at will. With over 30 different light fittings to choose from and the ability to adapt almost any hanging light to fit, the possibilities are infinite, like space itself…

How it works

The housing system lies within and is flush to the plastered ceiling. Fixtures or lights are held in place with three simple magnets, allowing for flexibility and ease of use. Because of the simple mechanism, lights can be transformed in less than 20 seconds.

Key features

  • Fitting appears completely flush with the ceiling
  • Can be installed before or after plastering
  • Completely modular
  • 3 different fitting types: Down light, Surface and Pendant
  • Can be blanked off if not required
  • No need for an electrician to change fittings
  • Other building control systems are being added to the range continually

Website: https://levello.net/

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