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The Chairtracks® system

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The Chairtracks® system


The Chairtracks® system is an innovative device that retracts a chair back to its original position after use. A fixed yet movable seating solution. Once leaving the chair, the internal retracting mechanism lets the chair automatically and constantly slide back to its basic position.
As a result, escape routes are free from chairs in case of evacuation. Perfectly aligned rows enhances the architectural vision and reduces the need for seating re-arrangements. The linear sliding system provides a relaxing and unique seating experience.#

Through our CAD department we are able to provide assistance to architects in terms of layout, space planning, anti collision tests and specification of products.

We have installed the Chairtracks® system in several international projects in the public and educational sector. In particular, we would like to mention the prestigious London Business School by Sheppard Robson Architects where we were able to combine aesthetics with security requirements. Our scope also included the design and production of metal containment boxes and the rebate to keep the system flush with the plywood flooring.

For inspection and maintenance purposes, the chair adaptor and the housing cover can be removed by clipmechanisms or magnets. As the chair adaptor is fixed by a bolt connection it is easily removable and the existing cover plate can optionally be replaced by a cover plate which meets DDA requirements.

The Materials and Specifications

  • The basic housing is made of high-quality aluminium.
  • The cover plate is made of stainless steel.
  • The chair adaptor is made of chromatic mild steel.
  • Each system can have either one or two linear tracks
  • Buffers made of a rubber-metal-combination provide a soft and soundless stop.
  • The track length can be 300mm, 375mm or 450mm
  • A sealing belt prevents dirt from entering the track
  • A mechanism is provided for adjusting the resistance of the sliding track
  • Installation depth needed is approximately 40mm

The Benefits

  • Uniform seating appearance
  • Efficient use of space
  • Clear aisles in an emergency situation
  • Relaxing seating ergonomics
  • Adaptable to any chair model
  • Reduced need for seating rearrangements
  • Easier cleaning

For more information visit www.spiraliseurope.com or contact us on 020 3764 5151 or email barbara@spiraliseurope.com

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