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Specify sustainably with high performance trade paints

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Specify sustainably with high performance trade paints


Ecopro trade paints have made it easy to improve a project’s sustainability. The range, from eco paint pioneer Earthborn, ticks all the boxes…Ecolabel and SKA approved…BS4800 colour palette…breathable…eco friendly…superior performance…easy to use.

Ecopro is available in Matt and Lo Sheen Emulsions, Eggshell and a Silicate Masonry Paint.

The type of paint you specify can have a positive or negative impact on a project’s sustainability: not just its environmental ratings but, most importantly, whether it will safeguard or damage the fabric of a building for the future.

Breathability is probably the most important aspect of a sustainable paint specification as it directly affects the fabric of the building.

Conventional acrylic based paints prevent a wall from breathing, which can lead to moisture damage such as blown plaster and the need for future remedial work.

On the other hand, durable, breathable Ecopro paints can prevent such damage and significantly reduce the maintenance lifecycle of walls.

Ecopro paints also have health and environmental benefits that contribute to a sustainable specification. Being water based, they do not give off toxic emissions such as VOCs that damage the environment and are harmful to the health of building occupants and decorators.

Advanced technology
Designed specifically for the trade, Earthborn’s Ecopro paints guarantee the highest environmental and quality standards. Their unique formulations deliver minimal VOCs, high breathability and outstanding performance, often superior to that of conventional acrylic based paints. They are easy to use and cover well.

There are three types of Ecopro – Emulsion, Eggshell and Silicate Masonry Paint – each offering a high performance, environmentally sound alternative to their conventional counterparts.

Ecopro Emulsion is available with a Matt or Lo Sheen finish. Matt has excellent covering power and is especially useful for new plaster. Lo Sheen’s wipeability and greater resistance to marking makes it suitable for higher traffic areas. Both have excellent covering properties, are hardwearing and made in all 100 BS4800 colours.

Ecopro Eggshell is ideal for woodwork, but is equally suitable for interior walls and ceilings. It dries quickly to a flexible finish that provides durability, washability and scuff resistance. Available in all BS4800 colours, its attractive sheen will not fade or discolour with time.

Ecopro Silicate Masonry System is a highly durable, long lasting alternative to limewash and conventional masonry paints. The two-part system comprises a primer and paint, which bond with underlying materials to create a water and weather resistant barrier that is also highly breathable. Ideal for all mineral surfaces including stone, brick, concrete and render, its expected lifespan is 15 years. There are 24 standard colours, giving a classic matt finish that will not yellow with time.

Bespoke colours of all Ecopro paints can be developed through Earthborn’s nationwide network of stockists.

With Earthborn you don’t have to sacrifice quality, performance or looks for a sustainable specification. Let’s see some examples of Ecopro in action…

Listed refurb
The University of Manchester’s Vaughan House is a Grade II listed building. Its refurbishment included renewing lime plaster. Architect Gordon Broady specified Ecopro Lo Sheen for all walls and ceiling because of its breathability, durability and ease of maintenance. White was used to maximise natural light internally. (Photo courtesy Harry Fairclough Construction)



New build
Downs Merrifield Architects aimed for maximum sustainability on this new build. They chose Ecopro Matt Emulsion because of its eco credentials, breathability and durability. Here, white painted walls pick up a warm glow from the timber stairs, doors and flooring. (Photo courtesy Rob Boltman Photography and Downs Merrifield Architects).



Retail chain
Cosmetics company Lush specified SKA rated products for its refurbishment programme. Photo shows its Truro store, featuring Ecopro Emulsion in white and a bespoke Lush Black on the walls. Wood trim is painted with white Ecopro Eggshell. (Photo courtesy Lush)





Victorian refurb
Paddington Cemetery’s West Lodge was painted with the Portland Stone shade of Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint. This high performance alternative to limewash will maintain its appearance for many years to come. (Photo courtesy Peter Kyte)




Holiday home
Ecopro Matt Emulsion was used in high wear areas and to create feature panels in Brockloch Bothy, a holiday home in Dumfries and Galloway. (Photo courtesy echoliving.co.uk)

For more information: earthbornpaints.co.uk

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