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Scotscape – The Complete Green Solution Do you need guidance on specifying ‘green’?

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Scotscape – The Complete Green Solution Do you need guidance on specifying ‘green’?


Government bodies now recognize that specifying ‘green’ is good news for healthy cities, improving air quality, reducing the heat island effect, improving biodiversity for pollinators, improving health and wellbeing of city dwellers – the list is long and positive.  Specifying ‘green’ into both interior and exterior projects is essential to support increased urbanization and to improve urban resilience to extreme climate pressures.

As a multi-disciplinary landscape contractor, Scotscape can deliver the complete green solution to our customers.  This includes living walls, living ceilings, green roofs, rain gardens, interior landscaping and landscape scheme construction for both commercial and residential projects. We also design bespoke ‘smart greening solutions’ to meet our customer’s requirements, when even a living wall or living ceiling doesn’t quite meet the brief!  Scotscape is unique in our service offer working with our client’s to create solutions to greening strategies, to support green initiatives, health and well-being targets and to underpin corporate social responsibility messages.

We collaborate with architects, designers and specifiers, property developers and construction teams. Our large team of estimators, horticultural specialists and installation technicians work together to ensure that our smart greening systems are specified with the correct plant content to thrive and fulfil the design brief. Our approach across all disciplines includes a strong focus on functional horticultural content to improve biodiversity and air-quality. Scotscape is a thought leader within the green infrastructure industry – we invest in continual research to further develop and improve new green technologies for the built environment.

To learn more why not book one of our three CPD’s?  We offer detailed CPD’s on living walls, green infrastructure and FLEX MSE taking our listeners through an educational and insightful hour of learning.   To book a CPD email niallm@scotscape.net.


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