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 Italian furniture component manufacturer Salice has developed a high quality product range that both references Italy’s design history and maintains a fresh aesthetic, whilst always offering pioneering innovation. With a passion for pioneering design, Salice’s team of technicians are continually seeking new and always more sophisticated products which meet the demands of the markets ever evolving trends, with high-precision and premium-quality technical and technological solutions.

Our homes and workplaces continue to introduce new ways to make our lives simpler, and furniture plays a key role in that desire, with the kitchen being one such space that offers so many opportunities for the incorporation of design-led innovative, functional furniture.

One of Salice’s latest developments is Pin – a revolutionary display storage system that allows the most flexible and creative arrangement of bottles, knives and shelves.  The elegant, design-oriented and highly refined Pin has streamlined aesthetics and easy, quick and intuitive assembly.  The Pin brackets can be moved easily and positioned anywhere with an ingenious fixing system that is extremely strong and stable.  Pin is available in steel and titanium finishes, complementing all kinds of room settings, furniture and applications. Commenting on Pin, Walter Gosling, UK Branch Director said, “Pin offers everything that is interesting, different and clever about good modern design.  It is simple, yet functional and aesthetically appealing”.

Salice claims to have been first to launch a concealed hinge, clip-on hinge and the first to introduce an integrated soft-closing hinge to the UK market. Their Titanium introduced by Salice in 2011, Titanium has matured to establish itself as the defacto standard, distinctive and refined hinge, favoured by many architects and designers for its aesthetic appeal and functionality.  Used for furniture hinges and now extended to numerous other products in the Salice range, Titanium integrates perfectly with most applications and is in total harmony with the latest trends; high-tech materials that reproduce the natural effect of stones, metals and marbles and polished textures.  In addition, Titanium’s finish delivers superb corrosive resistance which is considerably enhanced compared to the classic nickel-plated finish.

Multifunctional transforming furniture is a smarter way to live more comfortably in an apartment, townhome, or family home, or when you frequently have guests.  Salice offers innovative furniture solutions for any space, all of which boast both stylish good looks and smart engineering.

Designed for sophistication but built for functionality, Salice’s Eclipse pocket door system is widely recognised as the market leader and features an assisted soft-close door return mechanism and a door opening safety device. In addition, it has been designed to offer simple fitting and adjustment, and can be installed, adjusted and inspected in situ, as all three movements are adjusted from the front of the cabinet in a simple way. With clean, smart lines Eclipse looks just as good open as it does closed, and is suitable for use in many locations including kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

Another newcomer to the Salice range is the coplanar sliding system Slider M35 Top which is suitable for medium sized cabinets, with doors width up to 1500mm and a maximum weight of 35kg per door. The M35 Top mechanism incorporates a sophisticated magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action and sets a new standard of silent and smooth sliding movement by eliminating the typical noise produced by spring-action dampers. In its standard version, the M35 Top can be used to open two identical coplanar doors, or a single sliding door paired with a hinged door or an open compartment.

In addition to the standard version, the system is available in various options that significantly increase the numbers of possible applications:

– Slider M35 Top Reverso that enables the doors to be opened in the opposite direction

– Slider M35 Top Step that, with a single system, enables the doors to be opened when they      are separated by a central compartment

– Slider M35 Top One, a system for the opening of a single door

– Slider M35 Top Power, a motorised system for opening the door

We all demand a lot from our home environment, which increasingly incorporates both family and work life. Salice offer many innovative, functional and space saving furniture options which incorporate aesthetic appeal to complement the wide range of interiors available today.


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