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Radmat Quantum fits the bill


Radmat Quantum fits the bill


In recent years there has been a huge growth in demand for roofing systems that improve thermal performance whilst keeping building fabric as thin as possible. For balconies and terraces this hasn’t always been possible, until now. The new Protherm Quantum Inverted Roof System from Radmat enables even these demanding applications to provide low U-values and thin solutions. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in the UK, Radmat Protherm Quantum Inverted Roof System achieves an exceptionally low U-value of 0.15 W/mk2 whilst using 80% less thickness than a traditional XPS insulation. Offering an outstanding thermal conductivtiy of 0.007 W/m.K, Radmat’s latest product innovation offers a thinner, more versatile and thermally efficiant solution that fits the bill for specifiers, contractors and clients alike.

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