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Pump House Flexi Support Systems

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Pump House Flexi Support Systems


We have recently become part of Royal Institute of British Architects and our Flexi Support Systems range can be now found under RIBA Product Selector website and offers a complete range of free standing building services supports.

These flat roof, non-penetrative support frames and feet are designed to support plant rooms, chillers, air-handling units, condensers, heat pumps, fans, pipes, ducts, cable ladders and cable trays. Pump House also provide standard safe access solutions such as Step-Overs and Hop-Overs, and also offer bespoke plant decks, walkways and ramped access platforms which are all designed to comply with British Standards. All steelwork is hot dip galvanised, and their frameworks are supplied with M24 adjustable leg assemblies to cater for typical flat roof falls.

1.What is RIBA for architects?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a professional body for architects primarily in the United Kingdom, but also internationally, founded for the advancement of architecture under its charter granted in 1837 and Supplemental Charter granted in 1971.


  1. The RIBA Product Selector is a publication of construction product manufacturers and advisory organisations used by architects and other construction industry professionals to specify building products. It is also available online at www.ribaproductselector.com RIBA Product Selector is the industry-leading and definitive online resource to research and select construction product and service information for all types of building design projects.

3.What is NBS Plus NBS Plus is a library of building product manufacturers details linked to clause guidance in the NBS specification products NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Engineering Services and NBS Landscape.  NBS Plus is updated regularly, so you can be confident that you are always referencing the very latest manufacturer product information. NBS is the preferred specification system for the construction industry, used by the majority of architectural and design practices in the UK. NBS Plus is a dedicated section of manufacturers’ technical product information which is embedded into relevant specification clauses within this system. This means that your products can be instantly added into a project specification by a designer, architect or contractor

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