Polyrey introduces Reysitop, a new generation of compact

22 May 2015—Polyrey is launching a unique new compact (solid grade laminate), Reysitop®, which brings together exclusive design with high-technology enabling the creation of layouts and furniture in commercial or residential spaces in tune with current decorative trends.

Reysitop was specifically developed to meet the demand for stylish, slim surfaces prone to intense friction and heavy usage. The newest addition in Polyrey compact, Reysitop boasts 20 new decors with stone, metal or wood-based textures to give the surfaces an authentic character.

The new slim compact, with its deep black profile, inspires architectural creations in a clean and contemporary style. This product offers flexibility as it is machinable throughout its thickness and can be used to achieve intricate cut-outs and engraving, mitre-joint assembly and bevelled edges for a premium on-trend look.


Reysitop is enhanced with PROTECT+ technology, which guarantees increased resistance to abrasion, impact and high temperatures in order to meet the demands of intensive use in public, commercial or service sectors. It withstands temperatures of up to 220°C without discolouration or distortion on contact and has increased resistance to abrasion, ideal for worktops or wall covering prone to high traffic environments. It is also Greenguard certified, which guarantees that the material meets indoor air quality regulations (low VOC emission, class A). As with all Polyrey products, Reysitop also benefits from Sanitized®, an anti-bacterial treatment guaranteeing protection against the proliferation of bacteria.

Reysitop will suit architects and designers looking for realistic and natural decors for hospitality and residential projects. Interior designers and specifiers will also appreciate the wide array of possibilities for residential projects (kitchens, bathrooms, offices) or retail applications, thanks to its high resistance and durability.

Polyrey Product Manager Sandra Ferreira says: “Reysitop is a strengthened, versatile product, distinct from other compacts in the market due to a mix of trendy, realistic decors and improved technical abilities. Reysitop will provide an aesthetic and technical solution for interior fitting projects in line with the decorative trends of the moment.”

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