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PERMALFOR access flooring solutions launch a new CPD

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PERMALFOR access flooring solutions launch a new CPD


PERMALFOR access flooring solutions launch a new CPD – “In the beginning, It all starts with a raised access floor”.

looking at the basics and introduction of raised access floors, looking back at the history right up to best practice in regards to specification and design. We look at the benefits a raised floor can offer a building, through correct design and careful planning.

As the leading UK owned raised access flooring manufacturer, Bathgate Flooring provide a full raised access flooring service from initial design and specification, through the manufacture of its PERMAFLOR Access Flooring range of products to supply, installation, project management and maintenance. With a national sales team and installer network we are able to manage projects across the UK.

All PERMAFLOR high quality panels are fully steel encapsulated or edge banded – a proven design that is extremely robust, durable and has excellent dimensional consistency and accuracy. The option of bespoke panels gives further and considerable design flexibility.

This makes PERMAFLOR the preferred choice for refurbishment, or for where uniquely tailored solutions are required.

Factory bonded finishes, including vinyl, carpet, solid wood or veneers, ceramics, natural stone and even a range of magnetic finishes complete a range that is second to none.

PERMAFLOR access floors are available for all floor loadings, with a wide variety of finishes, from the purely functional to the positively prestigious. You can be assured there is a product suited to your requirement.

To request more information or to book a CPD at your premises free of charge, please contact info@permaflor.co.uk or call the office on 01432 347700.

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