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New Wire-free Integrated PA and Alert Sounder System ensures Effective Communication


New Wire-free Integrated PA and Alert Sounder System ensures Effective Communication


An effective communications infrastructure should be an integral part of the design of any industrial building, whether it’s a high rise office, a school, a factory or a hospital. Certainly telecoms, broadband and computer networks are standard, but other systems such as synchronised clocks, PA and emergency announcement systems are often an afterthought. 

To overcome this problem and to simplify and speed up installation Bodet have developed a range of synchronised clock, bell and PA alert systems that operate using either established IP cabling network or wireless technology for wire-free installation.

All the systems operate from a central control unit which can be easily programmed using intuitive software on the main computer server. The master clock within the control unit accepts both GPS and radio synchronisation to ensure that all slave clocks throughout the building always show the correct time.

Sounders play a range of pre-recorded melodies or voice announcements, to cover start and end of shifts, lunch breaks or emergency alerts for evacuation or lock down. These are stored as mp3 files, and a microphone can be included to facilitate live announcements.

The systems are very versatile and can be programmed so that alerts or announcements are played simultaneously throughout the building, or restricted to specific zones each having different schedules.

These easy to install systems are ideal not only for schools, large offices, warehouses, shops and supermarkets, but also for multi-site organisations such as hospitals, sports and leisure centres, food preparation and manufacturing sites.

For more information visit www.bodet.co.uk or phone 01442 418800


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