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New Living Walls product CPD

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New Living Walls product CPD


As part of our commitment to using intelligent and practical technology to introduce greenery to urban areas we are delighted to be able to offer a CPD to our clients on Flex MSE living walls.

What is Flex MSE?

Flex MSE® (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) is a patented soil-based system used to build naturally resilient and flexible geo-modular retaining structures of almost any height and length. The walls can be planted over 100% of the surface face with a huge variety of plants…. including hydro-seeding. Fitting perfectly into the Scotscape range of products and services and offering a new cost-effective alternative to incorporating biodiversity into construction projects, we believe that Flex MSE® will offer landscape architects and architects another vertical greening option within the living walls market.

A unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities, Flex MSE adapts to settlement and heave situations that challenge conventional rigid retaining systems, such as concrete, brick and timber, by its flexible nature it only gets stronger and greener as time goes on!

With a 120 year ASTM System Life rating (which is nearly twice that of concrete) and a 75 year warranty, Flex MSE proffers a serious alternative and less expensive retaining solution for architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and garden designers.

If you would like to find out about this exciting new product in the living walls market book your CPD with us now. Contact Niall McEvoy to reserve a date niallm@scotscape.net


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