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Let Greens Square take the Headache out of installing Renewable Energy

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Let Greens Square take the Headache out of installing Renewable Energy


Planning renewable energy products into future building works is a must if we want to move towards a more sustainable existance, but the lack of experience with the wide range of products available may be stopping them being considered in the first place.

Organising a renewable energy system is a process that can be daunting and Green Square can take an active role and fully assist in developmental demographics, design, installation and to sign off renewable technology and also offer training and full aftersales support.

We are able to create an in-depth site survey, conducted by one of our experienced and qualified personnel prior to purchasing. Once we have an understanding of what is required we can advise you whether a renewable system is both possible and financially viable with final solutions and estimated costs.

There are many positives to installing renewables into properties but there are certain factors that need to be taken into:

  • Do the new plans allow space to accommodate the renewable technologies
  • Looking at specific personal needs like existing electricity usage
  • Considering current building requirements and restrictions
  • Thinking about storage and requirements specific to the property
  • How the renewable products work in accordance to the land
  • Implementing the Code for Sustainable Homes (which affects the sustainability of a new homes)

Whether you’re an architect, self-builder or independent builder, it’s important to take these aspects into consideration during the design process, as early as possible.

When the initial designs and ideas for property are being drawn up, you want to invest in aspects of the building that will be tough to upgrade in the future. Green Square can offer help and advice on how to make the most of your plans. This is the perfect time to add renewable technologies to heat properties more efficiently and save money in the process.

Whether it’s a Biomass Boiler, Biomass Stove, Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heatbank Thermal Storage or Battery Storage, we can help each step of the way.

Planning ahead and ensuring the future can be renewable by creating the most efficient energy system is the most strategic option for architects and designers alike. The Code for Sustainable Homes practice will serve as a basis for future developments of the Building Regulations in carbon emissions and energy usage. This will offer greater regulatory certainty to developers.

In the future, renewable energy will be supplied in significant amounts, which of course, is great news. Going forward nationally, with large scale projects and on a smaller level with individuals creating their own individual energy systems. Combined, the efforts will allow us to move forward together and make the most of our renewables. Hence highlighting the importance of including renewable energy in your building and project plans from day one.

Contact one of the expert team at Green Square with any queries you may have regarding development plans, process, installation or the renewable energy products on 033 33 707 707 or arc@greensquare.co.uk

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