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Kingspan OPTIM-R solves problem areas


Kingspan OPTIM-R solves problem areas


With energy prices rapidly rising once again, delivering a high level of fabric thermal performance on new or refurbished buildings has never been more important. However, this can be a real challenge in areas where space is extremely tight. Kingspan Insulation has recently published a series of four application brochures for its latest range of problem solving products. The application brochures for the innovative Kingspan OPTIM-R range of systems, which can be downloaded from www.optim-r.co.uk, demonstrate how to deal with difficult areas such as balconies and terraces, dormers, rainscreen and external wall applications.

Unlike other commonly available insulation products, Kingspan OPTIM-R panels use vacuum technology, enabling them to deliver an aged thermal conductivity of just 0.007 W/m∙K, providing the highest performance with the thinnest solutions.

For cladding external walls Kingspan Insulation has developed the Kingspan OPTIM-R Rainscreen System and Kingspan OPTIM-R External Wall System. These systems not only provide a thin solution to help to meet performance requirements in new build applications, but also bring a range of benefits for retrofit projects where thicker solutions can lead to a number of additional costly measures such as extending eaves and the use of longer and more expensive fixings, trims and accessories.

The Kingspan OPTIM-R Balcony & Terrace System offers a solution to several issues which commonly arise when insulating a balcony or terrace above a heated space. The system can be installed above the structural layer and can avoid the need for an awkward step up between the interior and exterior or a reduction in headroom in the room below.

Dormers are another area which have traditionally been difficult to insulate to a high standard. In new build projects this has resulted in dormers which are large and aesthetically displeasing externally, whilst in retrofit applications the internal space can become virtually unusable. The Kingspan OPTIM-R Dormer System can be installed in both the cheeks and roof of the dormer to help avoid these problems.

All Kingspan OPTIM-R Systems are supported with a comprehensive design service, to ensure that the panels are used as effectively as possible in the space available.

For more information please contact Tel: +44 (0) 1544 387 384 Fax: +44 (0) 1544 387 484
e.mail: literature@kingspaninsulation.co.uk Website: www.optim-r.co.uk




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