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Joseph Ash Galvanizing: Experts in powder coating, duplex coatings and approved applicators for Syntha Pulvin paints

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Joseph Ash Galvanizing: Experts in powder coating, duplex coatings and approved applicators for Syntha Pulvin paints


Joseph Ash Galvanizing is a UK leader of steel finishing services serving all types of customers from large construction companies and fabricators, to fencing specifiers and architects. Its services include galvanizing, spin galvanizing, shot blasting and powder coating.

When it comes to corrosion protection, the company provides the highest standards of quality available.

(Medway Crematorium, galvanised and powder coated by Joseph Ash Galvanizing)


Duplex coatings and powder coatings at Joseph Ash Medway

Powder coating and Duplex coating services are provided by the company’s Joseph Ash Medway plant.

Duplex coatings are a mixture of galvanizing and powder coating, suitable for all types of steel fabrication, including gates, railings, staircases, lighting, flooring and even sculptures.

(Joseph Ash Medway treated the steel railings outside the British Standards Institute building with a duplex coating of a galvanized substrate, as well as a powder coated finish.)


The coatings provide extended durability for steel. They are also:


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Economical and cost efficient.

The Joseph Ash Medway plant also offers a 25-year guarantee on duplex coatings (up to 40 years on a specific type of powder / subject to T&Cs), and a wide variety of durable powder coating finishes from metallic to textured, in a huge range of bright colours with varying matt, satin and gloss levels.

(To see a range of some of the powder coating colours on offer by Joseph Ash Galvanizing, view the powder coating swatch page on their website www.josephash.co.uk/swatch/?Powder-Coating-Colour-Swatch). Other colours are also available.)


Approved applicators of Syntha Pulvin paints

Earlier this year, Joseph Ash Medway was also granted approved applicator status for Syntha Pulvin architectural coating solutions.

Syntha Pulvin is the premier architectural powder coatings brand in Europe, offering

a wide range of Architectural Powder Coatings formulated to decorate and protect

architectural aluminium and galvanized steel exposed to ultraviolet conditions and

extreme weather.

(Duplex coated railings treated by Joseph Ash Medway, installed around a park in Horsham, in 2016)

For more information about Joseph Ash Galvanizing please visit their website at www.josephash.co.uk or contact them on 0121 504 2573.





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