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Interior Film – an innovative decorative film that will transform virtually any surface.

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Interior Film – an innovative decorative film that will transform virtually any surface.


Interior Film, manufactured by LG Hausys and supplied in the UK by leading surface materials provider David Clouting Ltd, is now used for a wide range of refurbishment applications, from feature walls, staircases, reception areas, restaurants and bars to hotels and hospitals.

This innovative self-adhesive, decorative film is quick and easy to install and being so versatile it can be applied to almost any interior surface including: wood, metals, plaster board, plastics and even melamine.

Offering excellent flexibility and adhesion, Interior Film provides the perfect bubble free finish, even to curved or complex shapes.

Easy to clean and maintain, Interior Film is hardwearing and remains stable if exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures. It has also passed robust bleach tests when used in hospital applications.

Available in a range of over 400 designs and finishes including: Exotic woods, Leather

effect, textured metals and Natural stone, Interior Film is available to view on the BIMSTORE website and is also CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence across a wide range of industries including the marine sector.

Interior Film is part of a wide range of innovative interior surface material offered by David Clouting Ltd


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