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Integrating the bicycle with home & workspaces.

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Integrating the bicycle with home & workspaces.


Cactus Tongue’s bicycle wall hangers don’t just look good, like all great design solutions they smartly blend form and function.

Architects can no longer ignore that the bicycle is fast becoming the primary mode of transport for city dwellers, workers and students. In London, recent TFL figures showed that at its busiest, cyclists comprise 70 percent of all traffic. Cyclists need to store their bikes where they live and work. With many bikes costing in excess of £1000 owners don’t want them shoved in insecure mass storage facilities, they want them in their flats and offices.

Designing flats, offices and leisure facilities so that they can seamlessly and stylishly store bicycles has been a bit of a headache for architects and interior designers. This was precisely the conclusion that British brand Cactus Tongue came to when pondering this dilemma. And when working on how to make best use of space, its designers came up with a solution from a uniquely cyclo-centric perspective. Bicycles, they concluded, are beautiful machines, so why hide them away? Instead, why not hang them up on the wall as if they were pieces of art in their own right? If the bike was to be displayed this way, they decided, then the bike hanger that held it there needed to be as beautiful as it was functional. The result is the Cactus Tongue range of bike hangers, described by no less a luminary than British design guru and cycling nut Sir Paul Smith as ‘very compact and really well designed’.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, with leather contact sleeves on the tongues to protect your bike’s paintwork, the hangers are simply brilliant. They’re also brilliantly simple, easily wall mounted within minutes, they’ll hold just about any bicycle. Because of the clever design, bikes can be hung either horizontally by the top tube or vertically via the handlebars or seat tube. They can also be hung outdoors, thanks to the weather-resistant, powder coated Zintec steel used on the UNI-X model, which comes supplied with grey marine leather sleeves to protect your bike. Indoor sleeves, meanwhile, come in a choice of nine different shades of leather so you can colour match the Cactus Tongue to your interior decor.

Peter Haycocks, director of Taylor Biddle Design Ltd who owns the Cactus Tongue brand said that: Increasingly we are being approached by architects and interior designers from across the world who want to specify Cactus Tongue bike hangers into their new builds across residential, leisure and commercial sectors.

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