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How to Choose a Waterer – SCH Supplies

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How to Choose a Waterer – SCH Supplies


Plants and trees can be expensive to replace, and keeping them healthy is the passion and expertise of SCH Supplies. As manufacturers of waterers, no one understands the importance of adequate hydration better.

SCH manufacture essential plant saving watering units, with capacities from 50 to 2000 litres. These watering units are typically towed behind a ride on lawnmower or a small tractor, but some can be pulled along by hand.

An unpowered waterer is typically used to refill watering cans. They are also suitable for flood watering as the valve can be opened and left until the vegetation is sufficiently hydrated. However, if you need to get your watering done without delay, a powered waterer is for you. A powered waterer lets you spray huge quantities over vast distances, and flood watering can be done in a fraction of the time.

The next decision to be made is between a petrol engine and electric motor. There are many different sizes of both, however petrol will typically outperform an electric motor of similar size when it comes to flow rate. A petrol engine is best suited for the groundsman that needs to go all day; as long as you keep a container of fuel with you, the waterer can be used with continuously, whereas a battery powered waterer will need recharging. With some waterers, it is possible to attach your electric motor straight to your towing vehicles battery, and if your vehicles alternator is sufficient, it can power your electric motor for a significant time. The benefits of an electric motor include its low noise output, which is essential for those that enjoy peace and quiet.

The style of wheel is very important on a waterer. Large low ground pressure flotation wheels help reduce track marks in the grass, and give the trailer stability and cushioning when on rough unfriendly ground. Two sets of wheels are required on some of the larger bowsers which allow them to stay upright and stable when detached from the towing vehicle. Fast tow wheels, paired with a road legal chassis is required when the tank is to be taken on the road. A baffled tank is essential for on road use, as it prevents the water from causing dangerous imbalances during turning and acceleration.

Skid mounted waterers are perfect if you already own a trailer or have a vehicle with a flat bed. These waterers can be easily stored when not in use, and most can be maneuvered on and off the vehicle unassisted.

Many powered waterers are designed to be used with a telescopic lance which can reach up to 6 meters. These are ideal to water hanging baskets, and are available in any combination of the above styles.


Contact SCH for a free brochure featuring over 200 British products on 01473 328272, email sales@schsupplies.co.uk, or visit their website to find out more www.schsupplies.co.uk

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