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Glow up your interior with metallic accents

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Glow up your interior with metallic accents


Metal accents are one of the simplest ways you can flex your interior design muscles. They can be used as a subtle complement to existing metal decor such as lighting or they can be used to make a statement and transform the atmosphere of a room. Not bad for such a small detail.

It’s aesthetic magic aside, perhaps the greatest feature of metal is its adaptability. It can be used it any room and interior style. Metal furniture doesn’t have to mean cold and lifeless, quite the opposite, with tones like brass, copper, and gold, metallic furniture can breathe warmth into an interior.

With metallic accents, a little goes a long way. To incorporate the look into your home, either as a show-stopping piece or as a celebration of your existing style, you must think quality, not quantity. Let the pieces shine and create an impact in their own right. Done correctly each piece a wonder to behold.

To demonstrate how much a small metal detail can add layers of luxury to a chair, see the Effie range of plush velvet seats. With golden legs, these chairs are given an extra dimension of luxury, the perfect way to inject glamour into your home without going over the top.

Meanwhile, the Brooke and Jasper line of chairs both feature gold capped legs while being upholstered in faux leather and finished in dark wood colours such as walnut. The gold caps gives a kiss of sophistication that contrasts against the plush velvet, this contrast is the key to unleashing their unmissable style.

The small Midas touch of these chairs is what makes them pop and allows for an eclectic, classy look. On the other end of the spectrum, steel and silver will add a clean, urban element to an interior. It may be a cooler colour, but it’s still overflowing with life.

A silver frame contrasts beautifully against black or white finishes and brings its own impactful version of class. The perfect way to introduce metallic accents into the home if the glitz and glamour of gold isn’t your style.

Metallic accents are used best when they support the existing decor in celebration of your personal style. A touch of metal here and a touch over there is all it will take to take your interior to the next level. Gold, silver, brass, and bronze accents can all open the door to luxury.

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