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The Wing is the eye-catching first piece from Bazaar Group’s high-concept design brand Leda, engineered to be responsive.

An intriguing, disruptive piece of furniture, the Wing is a flexible seat that moulds to the body of the user to deliver an unsurpassed level of support, comfort and stability.

Specifically created as an unapologetic attention-seeking centre-piece, it offers a focal point furnishing for high end and design-conscious hotel lobbies, office break-outs and on-trend bars, or relaxing places including spas and health clubs.

The idea was born after the designers set themselves a challenge to create a seat with no pre-conceived expectations of what a chair should look like, or how an individual interacts with it.

Instead they adopted a creative engineering approach, analysing the human form and looking to design a piece which would adapt to both a person’s shape and mood.

Head of sales and marketing Philippe Galland said: “We wanted to move away from the rigid, historic design archetypes towards dynamic creations that allow you to experience the present moment effortlessly. We are here to flex the boundaries of design and perception.

“For example, when you ask a group of design students to create a chair, they’ll generally come back with four sticks, a seat and another stick at the back. But we wanted to lose those pre-conceived notions and start with the individual – how they live and move and how they choose to use a seat depending on how they feel or what they’re doing at the time.

“And we’re incredibly pleased with the result. Not only is the design beautiful, it is also playful and has endless possibilities of positions and uses, whilst being practical, flexible and extremely comfortable.”

Philippe added: “We also had in mind to create something that would make a statement in creative, communal spaces, whilst at the same time inspiring an informal and interactive atmosphere in design-conscious offices or hotel interiors.”

Moving away from rounded corners proved to be a masterstroke, with the eight angular star-shaped points key to its responsive flexibility. How the person interacts with the creation affects its shape and usage, the corners are engineered to respond to the user to create rigid feet and armrests when used in an armchair position, a supportive backrest when used for lounging, or even a laptop rest when used on its side. 

Perfect as a low-level shape, it sculpts itself around the person, whether they’re sitting or lounging. And when moved into a vertical position, it becomes a surprisingly sturdy upright seat that can stand alone, supported by its angular feet.

Made from durable, tactile materials, it is easy to wipe clean and maintain. It’s currently available in three colours, including a warm mustard with honeycomb corners, an earthy teal with white marbled corners and a charcoal grey with swirled mercury corners.

The Leda range is all about ‘responsive flexibility’, taking a disruptive approach to furniture design with creations which change their form in response to the body.

Leda is part of the Bazaar Group, a leading soft furnishing manufacturer based in Northumberland. As well as Leda, the Bazaar Group’s brands include Icon, Eden Learning Spaces and Bambeano.

For more information about Leda and the Wing, please visit

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