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efig becomes plants@work Losing the fig and regenerating

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efig becomes plants@work Losing the fig and regenerating


It’s a New Year and time for a new look. So after 17 years, efig is losing its fig and taking on a new name! From 22 January, we will be known as the plants@work Association.

The reason for this change is to make our association’s name more relevant. plants@work says exactly what and who we are. It clearly states what our main aim is, to supply businesses with first class interior planting to improve their workplaces aesthetically and for wellbeing.

No need to worry though, everything else about the association stays the same.

The decision for change

Early in 2017, a group of members met to discuss the strategy of the association going forward. Amongst many subjects covered, it was agreed that the name needed to be more relevant. plants@work Association was suggested as it seemed to say exactly what we are about.

This name change was officially approved at our AGM in June. Our new website will be www.plantsatwork.org.uk. All traffic to the old efig site will automatically be redirected here.

efig Ambassadors

Going forward, already appointed efig Ambassadors will become plants@work Ambassadors. Future Ambassadors’ title will of course reflect the new name.

Social Media

The names of our social media accounts on the various platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube – will change accordingly on 22 January. Visitors will also be able to link to them directly from our new website.

Going forward

We see a bright green future for plants@work. The world seems more aware of the great benefits that nature can give us both inside and out. We still spend the majority of our time indoors and cities/urban spaces are set to increase in the future as they are the work hubs that attract businesses and people.

With wellbeing an important focus for businesses and growing concerns about our environments, the ever-increasing body of research about our need for nature encourages us to look forward to making more workplaces a joy to work in.

BRE Biophilic Office

plants@work is involved with the BRE Biophilic Office project which is taking place over two years and will show the positive effects of working in such a space. Oliver Heath who is a partner in the project will be at our Leaf Awards’ ceremony this year to speak about the project and biophilia in general.

plants@work chairman, Chris Jenkin confirmed, “The next few months will see plants@work establishing our new brand and confirming our role for our members. We expect the change-over to be seamless for members.

“Our initial focus will be to make sure that everyone knows who we are and what we stand for.”

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