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Eclectic Contract ®

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Eclectic Contract ®


Who We are

Eclectic ® is a long-standing furniture fabrication company with a well-established history of providing customers with amazing quality furniture and case goods for almost any conceived design.
Eclectic ® proven manufacturing technique delivers furnishings with beauty, style, function and durability that are second to none.

Who We serve

Eclectic ® products have been installed around hospitality field hand in hand with talented architects, designers, property owners and operators in hospitality projects across the intercontinental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Caribbean.
Eclectic ® has provided furnishing for thousands of accommodations, in addition to numerous dining, corporate and entertaining establishments, from small and tiny to large properties.

How We do it

Eclectic ® special finishes and time tested wood, veneer and construction techniques have enabled us to build strong pieces that can endure the wear and tear of high use facilities and long term wear.
Eclectic ® works with architects, designers, clients from samples and regular production and delivery.
Eclectic ® assists through the design process to eliminate issues that could cause maintenance issues and fine tunes each design for maximized long term use and budget efficiency.
Eclectic ® quality and functional solutions save substantially on future maintenance and repair budgets.
Eclectic ®consistently delivers reliable product outcomes for exceptional results.

Website: http://www.eclecticcontract.com/

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