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Earth Save Products Award Winning Ecocent Hot Water System Wins Again

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Earth Save Products Award Winning Ecocent Hot Water System Wins Again


Earth Save Products (ESP) beat off stiff competition to win Best Heating Product in the BuildIt Awards 2017. This annual event celebrates all aspects of self-build and renovation, including completed projects, services and suppliers. The awards bring together architects, manufacturers and key industry figures in recognition of innovation and excellence in the custom and self-build home sector.

One of 10 products shortlisted, ESP’s Ecocent Hot Water System added this prestigious award to it’s growing list which includes an Oxford Business Award, NHS Health Facilities Scotland Engineering & Energy Excellence Award, the RBS Gogarburn Innovation Challenge, and further recognition from both the NHS and SSE (Scottish & Southern Electric) as approved suppliers.

The Ecocent unit contains ESPs advanced heat exchange technology to recover heat from used air extracted from warm locations within a building. It’s designed to recover heat and moisture from what would normally be extracted (e.g. through an extraction fan). This is then used in combination with their industry leading heat exchangers to produce a reliable supply of hot water. Waste heat and unwanted moisture can be extracted from bathrooms, kitchens, vaulted ceilings and areas of excessive solar gain. Using as little as 640w/hr of electricity during operation the Ecocent unit produces an abundance of hot water at 60°C;  much less electricity than a standard kettle would use to provide a few drinks.

The electricity used by the Ecocent unit powers the integrated air source heat pump (ASHP). The unit uses smart technology to switch on and off as required, so it only runs when re-heating the cylinder after hot water has been drawn off.

The Ecocent isn’t just a combination of a mains pressure hot water cylinder and MEV fan; it’s the only unit of its type which is in the SAP data base. The Ecocent also has a built in Micro High Temp Air Source Heat Pump combined with a built in MEV ventilation Fan System which means that whenever the unit is in hot water production mode, the waste heat/air which would normally be lost to the outside via the MEV part of the system has the heat/energy extracted from it, up-scaled in temperature and recovered into the hot water via the built-in ASHP. This means the Ecocent, depending on air flow rates, can potentially achieve an efficiency of up to 400%.

The Ecocent has been extensively tested by BRE (Building Research Establishment) and subsequently entered into the SAP data base. In fact, it’s the only hot water production and ventilation system of its type in the PCDB/SAP listing. The upshot of the testing and SAP listing means that if the Ecocent is entered into the SAP calculations of a proposed new dwelling, then in many cases this renewable technology may be the only one needed to achieve a SAP pass. However, if you entered an alternative tank and MEV fan separately, for example, you wouldn’t achieve any significant uplift in the result.

Our Ecocent MVHR Heating and Cooling Unit meets the Hexpod House Prototype

ESP are proud to be working with Hexpod providing our Ecocent MVHR combined heating & cooling system with horizontal indirect water tank for their innovative pre-fabricated building solution. The ESP Ecocent MVHR system was recently installed into the Hexpod House. The Hexpod concept consists of a range of highly versatile, standardised pre-fabricated panels made from high strength architectural precast concrete. This innovative design enables a modern building solution suitable for both residential and commercial purposes which can be rapidly deployed and constructed.

Introducing The World’s Quietest Air to Water Heat Pump. The ESP Heliotherm.

Earth Save Products are proud to announce they have partnered with the German manufacturing company Heliotherm, based in Austria, to become their official UK distributor of the new ESP Heliotherm Comfort Compact Booster Air to Water Heat Pumps. This innovative series is designed for outdoor installation and can be used in multi-family homes and commercial properties. It is also the first worldwide solar supported heat pump. The ESP Heliotherm CC PV-COP-Booster provides the heating from 3 to 24 kW for highest heating and living comfort. The solar panel capabilities allow you to use energy as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. They are the only unit that can be directly fed from PV (via built-in invertor) and will always use this energy first before drawing from the grid. They can be monitored remotely by the manufacturer and constantly ‘tweaked’ to optimize performance. These units were designed for space heating and hot water production for both domestic and commercial buildings. End users wishing to purchase the ESP Heliotherm Air to Water Heat Pump may be eligible for maximum support through the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme due to its high SCOP of up to 5.8.

The ESP Heliotherm Booster Heat Pump provides a significant efficiency increase for DHW and heating. It also provides a unique space saving combination of photovoltaic & full modulating heat pump. We are also proud to say that this unit is the quietest air to water heat pump on the market with the lowest operating costs and cost efficient installation.


ESP director Dave Clarke says: “Innovation and excellence is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re proud that our Ecocent has been recognised once again as a leader in efficient Renewable Energy Systems and that we have been selected to distribute the excellent range of Heliotherm Heat Pumps.” 

For more information on the Ecocent, Heliotherm or any other Earth Save Products, go to www.earthsaveproducts.com

email infoesp@esavep.com

or phone 01865 598158.


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