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Designing and Building for the automated life

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Designing and Building for the automated life


Smart Home technology presents a new world of possibilities; one where our everyday activities can be automated to seamlessly integrate with our online, and offline, lives.

At Smart Homes Company, we lead the way in delivering intelligent solutions to make your home work for you. By optimizing the potential of ever-evolving Smart technology, we deliver fully programmed Smart Homes that not only delight technically but, dazzle visually too. And the best part? – our bespoke solutions work no matter how large your property is.

Smart Homes Company are innovative and forward-thinking Smart Home specialists working to deliver cutting-edge Smart Home solutions to homes and properties across Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East. Passionate about the possibilities that Smart technology presents, The Smart Homes Company offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of Smart Home technology.

One of the best times to plan the design of a fully-functional Smart Home is during, or prior to, its planning and development. We work with architects, developers and home builders to offer an advisory and installation service covering virtually any aspect of a new-build home – by looking at the big picture, we can determine how Smart technology could add practical and commercial value.

Existing homes typically, by their very nature, have a level of infrastructure and cabling already in place. A lot of the time this can be sufficient for what you are looking to achieve, but depending on the Smart Home technology you are looking to integrate, it may be that there are some practical considerations to be had. Our Smart Home designers are used to working with tricky spaces and coming up with solutions to overcome them.

If you would like some more information on Smart Home technology then why not download our introductory brochure, or contact us now for advice on your project.

Website: Jon Ireland www.smarthomescompany.co.uk

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