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Customer care is king for kitchen installers

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Customer care is king for kitchen installers


Customer satisfaction and care, rather than ease of work and time spent on the job, are top priority for kitchen installers according to the latest research from kitchen and bathroom worktop manufacturer, Maxtop Quartz Ltd.

When discussing how they select material, manufacturer or brand they recommend to customers, 78 per cent of installers questioned said the durability of the worktop is the key factor, shortly followed by discussing the comparative quality of materials used. Almost three quarters (72 per cent) ranked this amongst their top considerations.

Managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, Stephen Moss, discusses how this reflects installers’ pride in their work: “Having worked with installers and tradesmen for many years, we’re well aware that those in the industry really care about what they do and how happy customers are at the end of it.

“While sometimes there can be a public image of tradesmen wanting to come in, get the job done and leave as soon as possible, the results of our research have completely contradicted this. The highest-ranking criteria behind why installers recommend a certain material or brand are not ones that impact how easy and timely the job is for them, but those that affect customer satisfaction and lasting quality of the surface.”

While considerations such as cost and ease of fitting did rank amongst the criteria, durability, quality and the colour ranges and styles available to the consumer were the top three factors.

Stephen continued: “There’s a plethora of factors to consider when recommending surfaces to customers and even things like ease and speed of fitting can have an impact on overall satisfaction, especially when working to a tight timescale. However, there’s no doubt that the lasting quality and durability of a kitchen surface is of utmost importance to consumers and installers alike.”

Maxtop aims to provide a product that meets all installer considerations, with a ground-breaking product that combines the beauty of natural stone with engineered enhancements, to deliver a lightweight surface that is stronger than traditional stone and significantly easier to install. The worktop is supplied straight from stock to site and is available at a fraction of the cost of other stone surfaces.

With ten different finishes available including Black Onyx Sparkle and Warm Grey, Maxtop Quartz is a premium product that is available in a finish to suit any interior. It has also recently launched two new designs, Pure White and Pewter Grey.

For more information about Maxtop Quartz, please visit www.maxtopquartz.co.uk or the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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