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Custom Install – Monitor Audio

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Custom Install – Monitor Audio


Monitor Audio Super Slim In Wall range opens up new installation possibilities.

Monitor Audio Super Slim In Wall (WSS) speakers demand just 50 mm depth, the Monitor Audio Super Slim In Wall (WSS) speaker range is an ingenious design.

The three-driver layout helps keep the frontal profile slender yet provides a similar surface area and performance to a typical 61/2” driver. At just 50 mm (2”) deep, it opens up a raft of installation scenarios. This smart design is hugely flexible when it comes to placement for the most technically demanding applications.
All three models share the same footprint and pre-construction bracket, providing simplicity as well as the option of specifying a higher performance model in the range before completion.

Featuring three models, the WSS line offers a refreshingly simple ‘good, better, best’ performance levels. Each model features the same layout, but uses different specifications.

WSS130 The entry-point WSS130 features MMP II cone drivers, augmented by a 25 mm Gold Dome tweeter and is likely to excel in many general home theatre and music applications. This MPP cone technology allows for a simple crossover design and smooth overall sound character.
WSS230 The mid-point WSS230 features Monitor Audio’s renowned C-CAM metal cone drivers and is ideal for set-ups where even more critical music reproduction is required. It offers a step-up in performance in increased precision and detailed sonic characteristics, when compared to the WSS130.
WSS430 The WSS430 offers supreme audio performance, drawing on design principles, and materials from Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum speakers. Almost every component is unique to this model.

Employing dished C-CAM cones, the WSS430 design ensures ultimate diaphragm rigidity – the main aim here being to reduce distortion. High strength Neo magnets and larger voice coils provide incredible driving force, low magnetic leakage, and slim profile. The magnetic system provides an ‘under-hung’ motor arrangement, ensuring the coil stays in the gap, reducing distortion further and increasing power handling.
The MPD high-frequency transducer technology – also from Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum designs – ensures incredibly low distortion, delivering clear high frequency to over 50 kHz. Remove the model’s magnetic front trim and you can rotate the tweeter to provide the optimum dispersion when using the model in a landscape orientation.
Installation scenarios are endless. The possibility of operating in constructions featuring 2” studs slips effortlessly into view. Mounting in areas restricted by AVC ducts, cabling or pipework is also perfectly feasible. A further attraction is the WSS line’s ability to be installed between a standard 14” stud bays, when used in a horizontal (landscape) orientation. This means that the same speakers can be installed around a screen, keeping the same neat visuals, as well as identical L-C-R performance.

The specially designed protective cover protects from damage by residual masonry or building materials, keeping the drivers and crossover safe. And the trim-less grille provides protection, as well as adopts an incredibly discreet and low profile aesthetic appearance. These covers can be painted to achieve seamless décor integration, with the supplied replacement scrim maintaining the stealthy presence of the speaker
once decorating is done. Super strong, magnetically attached rare earth magnets ensure long-term security, coupled with easy installation and servicing. The WSS range features Monitor Audio’s patented ‘tri-grip’ mounting system, as used over the last decade in the CT and WT ranges, meaning you get a robust fixing.
The Monitor Audio Super Slim WSS trio brings a fresh approach to in-wall speaker design. In turn it changes the way architects, designers, and installers can plans their next project, throwing off the shackles and enabling great sound where previously none was possible.

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