Pebble Mosaics

Mark Currie and Maggy Howarth of Cobblestone Designs construct and install pebble mosaics for public spaces, parks and private gardens, using pebbles to produce unique decorative paving. Manageable sections of pavement are prefabricated for assembly on site. This method of construction ensures that the paving is very durable and and perfectly flat and safe for pedestrians.

The mosaics vary from on-off site-specific commissions to a series of “Readymade” mosaics, available from stock, suitable for small gardens.

We also have a range of “Plain Pebble” designs for installation by you or your contractor. These provide a handmade mosaic of impeccable quality at an attractive price, & fit the bill where a plain but satisfying pebble texture is required.


Cobblestone Designs
Lancaster LA2 8NY

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