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  • Ibstock’s Ivanhoe and Cooksbridge bricks help create award-winning Dublin home
  • House features modernist design enhanced by innovative brick combination

A bespoke blend of bricks from the UK’s largest brick maker Ibstock have been used to deliver an impactful award-winning property on Dalkey Avenue in Dublin. 

H+H new block length

To improve efficiency and in turn increase block capacity, H+H is updating the sizes of three of its product ranges.

The length of Celcon Plus Blocks will increase to 630mm from 610mm, with the course height remaining at 215mm. Similarly, the Jumbo Blok and Multi Plate ranges will increase slightly in length from 610mm to 630mm. A reduction in course height, 250mm and 350mm respectively, will also be made in order to comply with manual handling guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Wienerberger updates its award winning brick selector app to further benefit customers

Wienerberger, has released an update for its award-winning Brick Selector App which features new products and further compatibility benefits. The update brings the App in line with Wienerberger’s current range of bricks adding 40 new products alongside some changes to existing product specifications.

Follow the yellow brick road! Wienerberger introduces two new bricks

Wienerberger, one of the UK’s leading providers of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has added to its extensive brick range by introducing two new products into its Terca range. The new bricks have been designed and manufactured at the Smeed Dean factory in Kent and have adopted the unique qualities associated with bricks from the area.

Wienerberger’s e4 brick house helps achieve new building regulations

The building industry now has sight of the 2014 editions of the Building Regulation Part L Approved Documents, providing guidance on cutting carbon emissions through savings in the energy needed to heat, cool, ventilate, light, and supply hot water to new buildings. The new regulations for England require a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions for domestic buildings or 9% for commercial compared to 2010 Building Regulations. Wales has differing regulations for the first time, from 31st July 2014, requiring an 8% reduction in CO2 emissions for domestic buildings compared to the 2010 regulations.

New Hanson guide makes brick selection easy

Hanson’s latest brick guide contains all the information architects, specifiers and designers need to select the right brick for any project.

The easy-to-use guide has been updated to incorporate the latest changes to the company’s extensive brick range, which includes high quality extruded bricks as well as a range of sustainable stock bricks.

Safeguard’s BrickFix has cracks in stitches – permanently

BrickFix – from Safeguard Europe, the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repair solutions – is a highly effective crack-stitching system. Suitable for brick, block and stone walls, it provides a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to both reinforcing existing bed-joint masonry and re-connecting cracked masonry. No special skills are required and the application kit contains all that is required to perform a professional repair.

Hanson’s Claughton bricks are back for 2014

Housing minister Kris Hopkins visited Hanson’s re-opened Claughton Manor brick works near Lancaster in January to see bricks being produced for the first time in four years.

New Approved Document Part L technical update for Celcon Blocks

H+H has produced a technical update for the new Approved Document Part L, which comes into effect on 6th April 2014. The document explains how Celcon Blocks can be used to meet the new regulations in different types of construction.

New Coronation Street set, Trafford

Television history has been helped along the way by a Tameside brick factory. Workers at Wienerberger’s Denton factory are supplying 52,000 special edition ‘Coronation Medley’ bricks for the new set as Coronation Street is recreated in Trafford.

Northcot launches a new comprehensive brick brochure

Northcot Brick, one of the UK’s independent brick manufacturers, has launched a comprehensive new brochure, featuring its entire range of wirecut, reclaim and handmade facing bricks.

York Handmade Celebrates its 25th Aniniversary

The award-winning York Handmade Brick Company, the largest independent brickmaker in the north of England, celebrates its 25th anniversary this month.

Four Bedroom House, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

A private four bedroom, custom built house has been constructed using H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade and Celcon Foundation Blocks with traditional mortar. The house in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, was built by Chris Page Building on the site of the client’s previous family home, a bungalow, which was demolished to make way for their new home.

Hanson introduces new online brick specials selector

Hanson UK has developed a new online resource which provides architects with easy access to a comprehensive range of British Standard and non-standard special shaped bricks.

Ibstock in pole position for 2013 Brick Awards

Ibstock, the UK’s largest brickmaker, is leading the way with shortlisted entries ahead of the Brick Development Association’s (BDA) 2013 Brick Awards.

A total of 33 Ibstock projects which highlight the aesthetic appeal, versatility and performance of Ibstock’s range went through a rigorous judging stage and have been selected for the final shortlist.

Wienerberger donates pavers and roof tiles to Habitat for Humanity

Wienerberger, the leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has donated a selection of roof tiles and pavers to a Habitat for Humanity development in Toxteth, Liverpool, as part of its partnership with the international development charity. Since the two organisations started working together last year, Wienerberger has donated products for two blocks of houses on the development.

Brick Awards 2013 shortlist revealed

The Brick Development Association (BDA) has announced the shortlist for the 2013 Brick Awards, one of the top design and construction awards in the country.

New Robust Details for use with Celcon Blocks

Robust Details E-WM-23 and 24 are now available for a high-performance cavity separation wall construction using H+H aircrete blocks. The fully filled cavity solutions, designed to address the thermal insulation requirements of Part L, have the added benefit of providing a high acoustic performance which exceeds the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations sufficiently to attract 3 credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Northcot launches new brick selector

Northcot Brick, one of the UK’s foremost independent brick manufacturers, has launched a new high quality photographic ‘brick selector’ designed to simplify the specification of its range of wirecut, reclaim and handmade facing bricks.

Cavity Wall Movement Challenges PD 6697

Parapet cavity walls behave differently because both faces are exposed. Such dual exposure dictates the protection against damp penetration takes into consideration more variable elements than are normally encountered. And if the parapet is curved, the behaviour of the masonry itself can be more problematic if certain aspects are ignored.

Ibstock’s Tradesman brick range goes from strength to strength

Ibstock, the UK’s largest brick maker, has seen its recently expanded Tradesman range increase market share over the past twelve months. Sales of the range have grown by 45% over the past year, bucking market trends and demonstrating its growing appeal to merchants and end users alike.

Not just another brick in the wall!

The Brick Development Association (BDA), one of the construction industries’ most highly respected trade associations, continues to increase the recognition of brick and why it should be the material of choice for all key decision makers in the UK construction industry, with a hard hitting marketing campaign.

Call for Brick Awards 2013

Once again, the search is underway to find the best brickwork in action for the 2013 Brick Awards, organised by the Brick Development Association.

Pioneering ‘Cotswold Collection’ offers the best of all worlds

Northcot Brick is offering builders and architects the best of all worlds with the innovative ‘Cotswold Collection’ – the first of a new generation of machine made bricks, which has many of the qualities and characteristics of traditional handmade products.

Wine Cellar at Tupgill Park, Coverham, North Yorkshire

The award-winning York Handmade Brick Company has helped to create “one of the most stunning wine cellars in the north of England”.

The company, based at Alne, near Easingwold, has supplied high-quality bricks and specials, worth £70,000, for the cellar at Tupgill Park, the estate near Leyburn, which includes the iconic Forbidden Corner visitor attraction.

House Builders On The Same Level? – Cavity Trays Ltd

Where access into a building is required to be at the same level internally and externally, the designer must consider how damp and water transference is to be prevented?

Versatile waterproofing and repair with Vandex Uni 1

Vandex Unimortar 1 is a highly versatile waterproof repair mortar. It provides an ideal solution for basement refurbishment work where it can be used as a one coat, high-build tanking slurry, as well as for localised masonry repair and to improve primary resistance. A Vandex Unimortar 1 fillet waterproofs the vulnerable floor/wall junction in a subterranean build.

Innovator Ancon launches the new Staifix QuickStart Wall Starter

Ancon is pleased to announce the launch of the Staifix QuickStart wall starter system. This latest product launch comes just 10 weeks after Ancon was awarded the 2012 Queen’s Award for Innovation, in recognition of their active product development programme.

Low carbon demo house built with H+H

Town & Country Housing Group (TCHG) in Kent decided to construct a low carbon prototype home to act as a test bed for building to level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. In the process they used the H+H Thin Joint system with large format Jumbo Bloks.

The house is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, resulting in low running costs for the occupants. Essential to this is a ‘fabric first’ approach whereby the building structure is constructed to be extremely airtight and thermally efficient to reduce heat loss to a minimum. Using Thin Jointed aircrete significantly contributed to this way of building.

Paul White, TCHG Design & Quality Manager commented: “We used H+H aircrete blocks for the project for their high recycled content as well as their inherently high insulative qualities. This allowed us to construct thinner external walls than alternatives on a tight site whilst still achieving a low U-value.”

He added: “Using the Thin Joint system with the Rå Build method is a good option because speed of construction means the inner shell can be made weather tight extremely quickly, faster than using traditional masonry techniques thus preventing the structure becoming damp in wet weather and allowing other trades to start internal work earlier. Furthermore, the system offers some thermal mass (to help regulate the temperature in hot weather) over and above standard timber frame options.”

The home is designed to fit in with others in the area and cost £205,000 to build (including the renewable energy technology that was being trialled), on land already owned by the housing group. Residents Joanna and Thomas Clarke and their son Finley have been living in the home since July last year.