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Thermalime is the insulating lime plaster from Anglia Lime Company. It combines a St Astier lime binder, chalk and fibres with a naturally formed insulating material.

This unique ready mixed plaster/render can improve the insulation of both the interior and exterior of buildings and is equally suitable for renovation and new build.  Because it is a lime-based plaster, it maintains the traditional characteristics of other lime plasters, both mechanically and aesthetically. With the visual soft beauty of lime it can be finished to a superfine finish.


Thermalime accommodates natural movement in a building structure thereby minimizing cracking.


The vapour permeability of Thermalime prevents the build-up of moisture levels. This ability to regulate humidity within your building will help keep it healthy.


The density of chalk is significantly less than sand aggregate. This means the loading on a building is reduced, making it an ideal material for ceilings.


As a one-coat application, Thermalime can be applied and finished in the same day. It can also be spray applied for even faster application


Thermalime is equally effective both internally and externally on old buildings or new. It can be spray or hand applied from 4mm – 40mm, either in one coat or several (depending on what it is to be applied to) and will adhere to most substrates such, from blockwork, brickwork, wooden or metal lath, wood/wool fibre boards, stonework etc.


Lime requires significantly less energy to produce than cement. In its raw material it can be burned at lower temperatures than that required to produce a cement mortar. In addition much of the CO2 created during firing is reabsorbed by the lime as it hardens. Thermalime on its own has a Lambda value of 0.137. Depending on the substrate to which it is applied will improve the thermal capabilities to varying values.

Anglia Lime Company are manufacturers of a range of lime-based plasters, renders and mortars and also specialize in producing bespoke mixes. Each project comes with its own set of requirements and challenges. Anglia Lime Company can advise as to the most suitable options for any project considering the use of lime.


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