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Airflow Launches New Ec Fan To Exceed Upcoming ErP 2015 Regulations

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Airflow Launches New Ec Fan To Exceed Upcoming ErP 2015 Regulations


Airflow has launched a new ‘family’ of EC Centrifugal Industrial Fans to carry on its rich heritage of innovative air movement solutions.

The upcoming changes to minimum efficiency regulation rates of ErP 327/2011 –2015 implicate that commercial fans in the EU marketplace will soon require a much higher minimum efficiency if the input power is between 125 Watts and 500 kilowatts. In response to the changes, Airflow has launched a range of compact high efficiency driven EC commercial fans that use up to 80% less energy than their AC fan predecessors.

Airflow’s new low energy EC Single Inlet fans achieve volume airflow from 83 l/s to 115 l/s, and have significant pressure development on the largest model. High FMEG levels ensure they are fully compliant with updated regulations. Moreover, constructed from mild steel with a robust coating to finish, each fan casing is fitted with an outlet flange, incorporating fixing holes for ease of installation.

Airflow’s larger offering of Double Inlet high efficiency EC fans are also engineered for significant benefits in performance and pressure, and are specifically designed for applications where low noise levels and/or space is an issue. The new range achieves from 165 l/s to an impressive 1200 l/s and over 700 Pascal’s.

Both Single Inlet and Double Inlet offer a good range of control via 0-10V input, due to the high efficiency EC motor, and have a tachometer reading via 0-10v output and also feature up to IP24 ingress protection. An auto shut-off and reset function for over / under voltage and temperature on the EC Double Inlet Fans is also a standard feature.

These fans have been designed with not only the dimensions and performances of some of Airflows older double inlet range that will become Non Compliant in terms of efficiency in 2015 in mind, but more, will also offer a high efficiency EC fan for any new commercial HVAC application.

Bob Sharples, commercial product manager at Airflow Developments said: “In wake of recent changes to energy efficient regulations, here at Airflow we strive to supply to demand, and our extensive range of compliant EC Fans are a first to the EU fan market based on dimension and unique performances.”


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